Can a Man and a Woman be Best Friends?


Can a man and a woman be friends? Absolutely. Can they be BEST friends? Absolutely……………..NOT!

I have heard this question come up a million times, whether it was a general thought or an instance where I had to place the matter into my own personal life. Between the two, I have found that the answer was always the same, no matter what the circumstances were. Guys and girls who are actually best friends (or claim to be), always find a way to downplay this topic and trick themselves into thinking ‘I absolutely have no feelings for my best friend.’ Well, the only person you are convincing of this thought is yourself, and possibly, your ‘best friend’. But I am here to explain why a friendship between a human being with a penis and one with a vagina would never work.

Before I make my point, I would like to explain the dynamic of a true friendship.

In a close relationship, such as this, comfortability is a top priority. If you aren’t comfortable around someone, then that person isn’t your friend- especially, not your best friend. Can’t change in front of your pal, because you’re too shy or nervous about what they’ll think of you? Well, you should be. And if you have reached the point to where you’re not afraid of taking it all off, then trust me, your best bud is definitely looking, judging, and wondering how your body would look pressed against theirs. And if you two have secret sexual fantasies about one another, then how could you possibly be friends?

Now, there are times where one person develops feelings and the other party is completely clueless. This still counts towards the incapability of men and women being best friends. In this case, I would use the scenario of a woman being attracted to her male best friend- since you know, women love catching feelings. In a friendship, the friend is supposed to be there for you. Now, in a male/female friendship, if the guy is supportive, gives her advice, and listens to her cry at 3 a.m over her a-hole boyfriend, then naturally, he would become everything she wants in a man by constantly listening to all the things she doesn’t want in a man. It just happens, and slowly but surely, the woman would start feeding into that. Eventually, an attraction would occur.

JEALOUSY. We all have it. Now, so called ‘best friends’ hang out all the time, and if you don’t, then that is not your best friend. But if you do, you start to feel neglected when your other half gets a girlfriend or boyfriend. And why? Because you want your best friend all to yourself. Having your best friend taken away from you by someone else will help you to realize all the hidden feelings you’ve been harboring all along.  Why do you think that you can never hang out with your significant other and best friend of the opposite sex in the same room? Pretty awkward. Not to mention, your significant other would also get jealous if you hang out with your best friend too much. It’s a lose-lose situation.

My final say is that women and men try to trick themselves into believing that they are best friends, because they don’t want to confess their feelings to one another and possibly mess up a good thing.

Any thoughts?

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